[27 Mar 2008 | 1 Comments]

Compulsory introduction #1: Hi there, & welcome to IceCream, a blog about ASP .NET, AJAX & Silverlight (well, mainly). My name is Kevin Dockx, employed @ Dolmen. More?

Compulsory introduction #2: So, what will you find here? Posts about the stuff I deal with @work on a daily bases which might be of use to some of you, mainly focussing on the presentation layer of the ASP .NET/C# (3.5)-Web. In concreto: MS .NET AJAX, the Ajax Control Toolkit & Silverlight, ... Next to that, interesting articles or links on subjects that interest me ... and maybe some random ramblings from time to time... ;-)

Compulsory introduction #3: Why IceCream? No idea really, I just tend to write down whatever my head tells me to write down. In casu: "There's always room for more IceCream." ;-)